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Building The Perfect Beast!

Chances are, if you have arrived at this site, then you may have already read Chemical Muscle Enhancementthe predecessor to CME II, Building The Perfect Beast.

But, after a few cycles and a couple years of "juicing", it's time to get past the "baby" stuff and get to the hard-core BIG BOY tactics for putting on solid and PERMANENT muscle. Building The Perfect Beast (BTPB) is honestly the first and ONLY book for the advanced steroid user.

We won't waste your time attempting to show you the difference between counterfeit and real steroids with hundreds of outdated pictures. Please keep in mind that the counterfeit drug world moves SUPER FAST and I can assure you, 90% of any information, pictures or data on fake or real steroids is worthless within 3-6 months of original print of ANY book.

We also won't waste your time with generic "one size fits all" cycles because after 25+ years of consulting a variety of professional and amateur athletes, different ages and sexes, the one thing we know for a fact is that EVERY BODY IS VERY INDIVIDUALIZED.

Knowing that, we've listed almost 75 macro and micro cycles to help put solid, fat free and almost permanent muscle on your body ... even for the advanced bodybuilder! The secret is Action/Reaction in which each specific cycle helps build on the previous one, as well as prepare for the next cycle after that.

This way there is no "down time", no shrinking and no yo-yo up and down in weight. Size is built on top of more size. Each cycle is the FOUNDATION for the NEXT growth stage.

Long story short, THEY WORK! Just take a look at the right hand column of this page and read up on all the bullets and benefits found in this "ultimate muscle guide". Read the testimonials found on the left hand column of this page for even more proof!

300 Page Raw and Usable Information

The first edition of BTPB was printed back in 2001. As stated earlier, information gets old, science discovers new methods for growth and hence, we've rewritten well over half the book and added an additional 75 pages of NEW information.

Building the Perfect Beast has almost 300 pages of RAW and USABLE information. Like I said ... no pictures or old, rehashed cycles. EVERYTHING IS NEW!

"It's All Genetics!"

I used to say the same thing. Any time I saw a big guy or I couldn't achieve something with my own body, I would just say "man, it's all genetics, you either have it your don't". So, you either have to be born with great genetics or you need to take "genetic juice" as I call it and take tons of steroids.

Now, you can't change what you were born with and the problem with taking more and more steroids is there comes a point of "diminishing returns". This means, the more steroids you take, the less positive effects and the MORE NEGATIVE SIDE-EFFECTS you will have. Not to mention the long-term health related problems.

So, I used to bitch and moan about my genetics all the time when I spoke to Author, and I remember sending him an email saying, "the information is BTPB is great and totally new ... but after all is said and done, don't your genetics dictate everything? Aren't you stuck with what you have and you should just make peace with it and stop fighting it all the time?"

His reply was the following:

You're right... you shouldn't fight your genetics and the people who do, only end up getting sick and injured and eventually drop out of the sport completely. BTPB works WITH your genetics, not against it! The people who've utilized the information, have discovered innovative methods to maximize the positive aspects of their genetics while having almost complete control of their "negative" genes - which unfortunately, we all have. The end result is a stronger, healthier and more muscular body ... while using even lower dosages.

In fact, he went on to send me an email with a few of his pictures showing me his amazing transformation of more then DOUBLING HIS BODYWEIGHT in a little over 4 years. As you can see ... even ALR started off as a "pencil neck" with crappy genetics.

The Difference With BTPB & CME

We've received a few emails asking "what's the difference between the first CME and this second book, CME II - Building The Perfect Beast?". As stated already, BTPB is for the advanced user who wants complete control over his cycles based on his current goals (mass, cuts, bringing up lagging bodyparts, etc.).

In fact, here's what L. Rea says in his own words:

Whereas CME was intended to re-educate the chemical enhancement enthusiast in knowledge regarding specific drugs, BTPB offers the reader proven, inside information that has allowed athletes to create protocols for specific intent - such as:

  • Mass Protocols

  • Fat Loss Protocols

  • Site Enhancement Protocols

  • Estrogen & Cortisol Control Protocols

  • Pre-contest Protocols

  • etc., etc., etc

  •  ORDER NOW ONLY 3.99

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